Zócalo is a place for diversity, providing a space for food 
creatives to share their craft with our hungry guests.

Our collective shares our passion for bringing new and exciting food to Milwaukee, always with excellent service.

The Tavern

A place where you belong

Our flagship Tavern was inspired by the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s famous blue house, with local designer Gloria Santos Ruiz bringing a creative, exciting vibe and atmosphere with additions of bright colors and interior design touches.

We Incubate Food Entrepreneurs

Starter Food Truck

Business Coaching

Love And Support

About The Founders

Founders Jesus Gonzalez And Sean Phelan

Jesus and Sean aren’t just any business partners, they’re friends first. Throughout their 15-year relationship, they’ve built a foundation of mutual respect and admiration - of course, supported by a shared desire and ambition to bring positive developments to Milwaukee. With Zócalo, they’ve created a safe haven for food entrepreneurs to express their culinary creativity, along with a platform for interesting people to congress and share ideas. 

Jesus is a first-generation Mexican American and a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. Over the years he’s built a reputation in the culinary industry as a talented chef, entrepreneur, and owner of the acclaimed taco truck Mazorca. 

Sean is the owner of Phelan Development, with a history of development and investing in community-minded real estate projects. Along with his wife Lucia, Sean saw potential in Jesus, supporting his culinary ambitions over the years and across different countries. Together, with their shared love of food and ambition to do something meaningful, Sean and Jesus decided to bring a slice of American food truck culture to Milwaukee in the fast-growing Walker’s Point Neighborhood. This shared passion led them to open the Zócalo Food Truck Park on the 13th of July 2019 at 636 S. 6th St, and the rest is history.